Toddlers Room 15 months – 2 years

At this age, toddlers are keen to do more things for themselves. For example learning to eat by themselves, using a spoon and cup, and maybe even a fork – the educators support this independence and encourage children to try to do things for themselves in a supportive environment. 

Play is important and this is where children make meaning of the world around them through exploration of their environment both indoor and outdoor. Toddlers are curious and enthusiastic participants in their learning and use play to investigate imagine and explore. The educators provide a variety of fun and engaging learning areas for children’s engagement. To promote imagination and creativity educators provide opportunities for pretend play – for example, by feeding a doll or pretending to use a phone; enjoy spending time with other children, even if they don’t play directly with them.

The physical learning environment is created to spark curiosity, wonder, inquiry, discovery and imagination driven from the individual interests and needs of each child. Educators become co-constructors of learning as each learning journey unfolds, focusing heavily on exploration, experimentation and the building on new skills, independence and self-confidence. As our learning journeys continue to evolve, new challenges arise and new skills mastered giving an overall sense of accomplishment, pride and joy in each individual child.

Fostering a strong sense of self-identity and sense of belonging is paramount within our Toddler learning environment and it is through creating a calm and nurturing environment created with warmth, love and care from our educators where this is accomplished. Our daily routine is a flexible routine in a way in which caters for and meets the individual needs of each child.