Kindy Room 3 – 4 years

Educating children between the ages of 3 and 4 is exciting. Their minds are exploding with ideas and they are constantly taking things in and exploring their surroundings.

Children are ever developing their independence as they are leaning to take responsibility of their own health and physical wellbeing.

The children at Redlynch Daycare Centre are exposed to a variety of indoor and outdoor learning environments. These include; the exploration of our many raised garden beds, Yoga and Creative Arts. We have a very multicultural centre, to embrace that we have begun teaching the children Japanese including simple words and songs. A range of alternate activities is offered at the service and children are encouraged to use their agency and co-construct their learning with the Educators.

Our kindy educators believe in child led learning and learning through play. We facilitate this by asking open ended questions, paying attention to children’s interests, and giving the children the opportunity to be creative and independent. We believe that every child is different and has their own range of skills to offer. Our environment is ever changing to suit the children’s emerging interests and needs.