Junior Kindy 2 – 3 years

Educators begin to support the emergence of feelings, speech, problem solving, in the 2 year to 3 year age group. 

Children are learning how to talk about things that have happened during the day. By working in partnership with families and educators children might be able to put things in order to make a simple story. By three years, children might be able to tell a simple ‘made-up’ story based on their individual experiences, but it will probably be quite short. 

Reading and singing encompasses all of the skills mentioned and they are prominent part of our day. These activities are great for development and stimulate connections in the growing brain. Educators also encourage these conversations by asking open ended questions and talking to children as they explore the environment at Redlynch Daycare Centre. 

Exploration and play is important because it is how your child learns. Children enjoy playing with others, playing dress ups, having tea parties, painting with their fingers or a brush. Educators will also help to build children’s confidence by letting them do things themselves so they can feel a sense of pride and satisfaction. Our Junior Kindy Educators pride themselves on making sure your child feels a sense of security and an ability to try and achieve new activities, with the support and comfort of the centre behind you throughout the adventure in Junior Kindy.