Our approach to daycare

We provide a welcoming environment in which children can develop social, language and motor skills while enjoying playtime, taking part in fun activities, and making friends.

Engaging Activities

Under our care, children take part in fun, safe and collaborative games that encourage them to be active, interact with their peers and develop motor skills.

Interactive Environment

At our centre, children learn to speak, write and read through interaction, picture books and group activities, to prepare them for school and home life.

Music & Art

With a range of art materials and instruments on hand, your children can express themselves, have fun, and develop skills for the wider world.

Passionate Educators

Our experienced, qualified carers approach their work with passion and are committed to the growth and well-being of all children in our care.

Transparent Care

We aim to make our daycare centre an extension of your family home, so we welcome parental involvement and understanding of our activities.

Active Learning

From problem solving to role play and reflection, we’re committed to involving children in their learning. It’s more fun and more effective!

Our Activities

At Redlynch Daycare Centre, every day involves multiple fun learning activities for the children in our care. From fingerpainting to ball games, Lego to worm farming, and foam obstacle courses to our sandpit, we have everything to inspire your child’s imagination and encourage healthy development.

Safe Play Areas

Engaging Activity Rooms

Music and Art Equipment

Outdoor Play Space

Sensory Learning Props

Ongoing Projects

Cultural Celebrations

Redlynch Daycare and Early Childhood Development Centre

Enrolments for 2021 open now, limited places and availability
  • Six weeks to school age
  • Not-for-profit centre
  • Dietician approved meals
  • Play-based learning
  • Safe, secure and fun environment

Meet Our Team

Our qualified carers have a range of roles within our daycare centre but are all united by their passion for providing a welcoming, supportive environment for your children.