Vicki Adams


Vicki Adams


Ethnicity :  First Nation, Australian

Cairns is my birthplace.  I feel very blessed to live in such paradise. Before working in the Childcare Industry for 23 years now, I worked in the mornings at 3 Primary and High Schools, in my career as the Indigenous Tutor and Teacher Aide and also, the Distance Ed, Support Worker with Students and their families. I was also, a Literacy tutor at a Private School. At TAFE, I was also an Indigenous Numeracy and Literacy Mature age Tutor, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing, supporting them and learning new things myself.  Education with children of all ages, has been my passion. Supporting families and their children, in our community is important to everyone, especially in the early years. So I have seen and been apart of caring for children from the beginning to finishing High School and all sorts of lifestyle.  Children are the best teacher’s, they remind you to enjoy life and keep learning new things, every day.