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I just want to acknowledge the great work that the staff at Redlynch Daycare Centre has provided to my 3 year old son. My son Brandon has thrived developmentally since joining the Centre and really enjoys the social interaction with the other children. He is a confident and happy boy who looks forward to going to daycare every day. Ive noticed that daycare has helped with how my son communicates and expresses himself and is resilient and empathetic towards the other children and the carers. The carers understand my son's needs and expectations and are very patient and kind to him. The range of activities that the Centre offers are fun and educational and has helped Brandon with his cognitive skills. He particularly enjoys it when other parties come to pay a visit to the Centre, such as the police department or the fire brigade etc and it's great to see him get involved in these activities. I love it when he makes things at daycare and he brings them home to me and is enthusiastic about telling me about his day.
C Rouelett Founder
Both my children have attended Redlynch Daycare Centre since they were in Nursery and they could not be more happier about coming each day. They have made friends, learned how to be kind and resilient and have developed new skills, all whilst being surrounded by educators who are supportive, loving and nurturing. I highly recommend Redlynch Daycare Centre!
N Passfield Founder
Redlynch Daycare Centre has been part of our family since 2014! We have trusted this amazing centre for so many years for all of our three children. Two of them now in school who attended RDCC from 10 months old through to the last day of Preschool in 2018! Then returning in 2020 with their little brother & we look forward to being here until he starts school! Thank you!
C Birdsall Founder
Redlynch Daycare Centre was recommended to us by one of the Private schools in the area. The School had said that the children that came from the centre were always well equipped and ready for school. Since then I couldn’t be happier with the care and support that my now 3 year old has received since he was a baby. The educators genuinely have affection for our child and aid him as an individual. When a spot came up at another daycare where our son had been waitlisted for 3 years, we immediately declined the offer as we are confident that our child is well looked after and settled in his current environment. For peace of mind and trust in educators that you can depend on, we are couldn’t be happier with Redlynch Daycare. Safety is our number one priority and we have found the operating procedures at Redlynch Daycare Centre to be exemplary, all staff appear to be consistently on the same page, we trust the staff 100%.
H Clarke Founder
I have two children who have gone through Redlynch Daycare Centre and we are so happy with this centre. It's a wonderful size where the environment is warm and my kids have always felt very comfortable. All of the staff go out of their way to greet and welcome the kids and always interact so positively with my son. It is clean and has plenty for the children to do. Administration is always willing to answer any questions I have and are always friendly. As a mum it is a relief to know my son is so well looked after and happy when he is dropped off to daycare.
M Adam Founder
Redlynch Daycare is an open and welcoming centre. From being open to ideas on activities and centre structure to the diversity of staff and cultures. These attributes are demonstrated daily by all the staff and are being instilled into my son's personality. I couldn't have asked for a daycare centre who mirrors our values at home more. Thank you to all!
T Chapman Founder