We aim to offer more than just a childcare service

Our team is committed to offering a comprehensive service that your family can rely upon and feel comfortable engaging with.

Long-standing history in the industry.

Redlynch Daycare Centre is a not-for-profit, church-based organisation that caters for children from 6 weeks to school entry age. The Centre first opened in 1996 to offer child care services to the families of Redlynch and surrounding communities.

Fostering a nurturing environment.

We pride ourselves on our friendly educators with genuine warmth and commitment to children in our care. Our Centre provides a safe and secure environment as an extension of each child’s family setting. We aim to ensure that your child feels happy, safe and secure in our environment.

Care that goes above and beyond.

We provide morning tea, lunch, dessert and afternoon tea to all children. All meals are nutritious and prepared fresh on premises each day by our wonderful chef, allowing for special dietary requirements. We also provide nappies, wipes, sunscreen and insect repellent to our children.

Access to extracurricular activities.

We offer a great range of activities throughout the year for our families and children. Some of these may include: Zoo to You; Bike-a-thon; Centre Fair; BBQ Breakfast; Farm Animals; Excursions and our Annual Christmas Concert.

Involvement in the community.

Because of our tight integration with St. John’s Community care we instil a strong sense of community through interactions with seniors (through Seniors Week) to planting herbs in our herb garden with our disability clients.

Strong foundations and values.

We believe that a high level of communication as well as trust and respect are the keys to a three-way partnership, so daily discussions, written notes and child portfolios are vital for ensuring that the needs of all parties are constantly being met.