Supporting children through each developmental stage

Children experience learning and development in different stages, so it’s important that our educators promote and encourage growth for all ages.


Our Nursery provides care for infants and toddlers, between 6 weeks and 2 years of age. We endeavour to maintain each child’s individual routine and keep the similarity from home to childcare. We provide a nurturing learning environment for young children to feel safe and secure. It is a requirement of our Nursery, that your child undertakes an orientation process.  This assists us in being able to maintain continuity between our centre and the home environment.  We like to know the children, families and routines before your child begins care at our service.


Our Toddler room encourages children to move through their stages of play.  Children are provided various activities to promote solitary, parallel and cooperative play.  Simple ideas of empty cardboard boxes provide endless amounts of entertainment and interactions with others. Our Toddler children are negotiating rights and responsibilities when in play.  We encourage all children to use their developing language when communicating with others.  Fine and Gross motor skills are enhanced through various creative, indoor and outdoor activities.  Activities that promote childrens’ interests are both planned for and supported by our Educators.

Junior Kindy

Our Junior Kindy provides care for children aged between 2 to 3 years of age.  Our Curriculum encourages children to engage in their learning environment.  We provide plenty of opportunity for role play and dramatic play to encourage children’s social and personal learning skills to develop.  Throughout this age group, children’s self-help skills are promoted by encouragement and involvement from Educators. Our Educators are happy to assist your child in the toilet training process.  We have varied strategies that have proven to be effective in the past.  Rewards and sticker charts can help for those children who are a little reluctant to move through the process.


Our Kindy room provides opportunities for children to learn through various activities.  We engage in group construction, play and creation.  We encourage children’s literacy skills through show and tell and aim for children to achieve self confidence when talking in front of the group. In Kindy, we encourage children to develop their independence and promote this where possible.  Children are encouraged to look after their belongings, assist each other and Educators in making beds, and packing away after themselves.



Our Preschool room provides care to children in the year before they enter school. Our Pre-Prep curriculum offers opportunities for children to undertake new and creative experiences in order for them to be ready for school. Such opportunities can include: 

  • Literacy sessions – show and tell, letter recognition, letter of the week, pre-writing activities, days of the week, number recognition.
  • Numeracy sessions – bingo and lotto games, counting by rote, ordinal numbers.
  • Science and Nature activities – experiments, Science and Nature Table, the Human Body.
  • Free choice – construction, creating – art and craft, drawing table, self-select puzzles and cognitive activities.