Friendly Educators

There’s no denying that our friendly educators love what they do and genuinely care about the children in our community.

Warm Environment

It’s important to us that each child and family feels warmly welcomed and respected in our safe and secure environment.

Culturally Diverse

Our experienced educators have culturally diverse backgrounds, meaning children at our centre can receive worldly care.

All Early Childhood

We support children from nursery to preschool with age-appropriate care to suit children at all phases of their development.
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The Difference At Redlynch Daycare

As a not-for-profit daycare centre, our childcare services are wholeheartedly focused on supporting the community and enhancing each child’s developmental experience. Since 1996, our mission has been to provide dependable childcare services to families in the Redlynch area, backed by the morals and values of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Australia.
  • Nationally approved and recommended curriculum
  • Strong family and parental involvement
  • Access to fresh food, community activities, and expert educators

Fees & Charges

Fees effective from 1st July 2024


Fee Schedule A

$615.00 per week

$133.00 per day

Includes Food and Drink


Fee Schedule B

$640.00 per week

$136.00 per day

Includes Food, Drink and Nappy Service

A Term Levy of $7.00 covers sunscreen, insect repellent, tissues, sanitising.

Our Age Groups


Nursery (0-2 years)

We provide a nurturing learning environment for young children.
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Toddlers (1-2 years)

Our Toddler room encourages children to move through their stages of play.
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Junior Kindy (2-3 years)

Self-help skills are promoted by encouragement and involvement from Educators.
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Kindy (3-4 years)

We encourage and promote children to develop their independence.
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Preschool is a time for a child to get ready for school. Becoming a member of a class is a significant step for any child.
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Why choose us?

Our Centre offers a safe and secure environment as an extension of each child’s family setting. Our industry-leading educators ensure your child feels happy, safe and secure in our care.

Nutritious Meals

Morning tea, afternoon tea, a lunch meal and snacks are provided for every child and prepared fresh on premises each day by our wonderful chef, allowing for most special dietary requirements.

Fun Facilities

The impressive Redlynch Daycare Centre has a range of enjoyable and engaging facilities (both indoor and outdoor) that foster play, learning and development for the children in our care.
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Community Involvement

Our close relationship with St John’s Community Care means our children have access to various community events and activities throughout the year, including Senior’s Week and fundraising.

Personalised Approach

We believe in taking a personalised and individual approach to support each child’s learning and development. Our holistic style ensures every child gets the support and care they need.

Meet Our Team


Veenu/Lead Educator



Ying/Lead Educator

Ayumi/Lead Educator

Mihoko/Lead Educator

Karen/Educational Leader

Ayu/Lead Educator




Celine copy

Celine/Lead Educator


Kaya/Early Childhood Teacher


Tomi/Lead Educator







Embracing Outdoor Adventures: Winter Fun at Redlynch Daycare

Embracing Outdoor Adventures: Winter Fun at Redlynch Daycare

Winter in North Queensland brings a delightful change in temperature and

Play-Based Learning in Early Childhood Education

Play-Based Learning in Early Childhood Education

In the vibrant world of early childhood education, one of the

What Parents Say

We are first time parents so navigating the daycare decision was new for us. We decided to enroll our baby girl at 8 months as we knew we both needed to work full-time. We had a couple of weeks of transition where we stayed and played with her alongside the educators, and nothing was ever an issue. Luci and the team made us feel so comfortable knowing our baby girl was in safe hands. The Nursery has had a recent renovation and the staff are always going above and beyond to make her feel at home. We know that starting her early was the right decision everyday she is getting more confident and comfortable and when we get home from daycare she is thriving with energy and expressing herself. We love the updates on the Xplor app knowing exactly when she is sleeping, having her meals, bottles and nappy changes providing us with the confidence she is being cared for. What is special about the Redlynch DayCare is knowing Luci the director is hands on with all the children and checking in with the educators for activities. We would recommend anyone looking for a center to contact them.
Peter and Sonya Parents
I just want to acknowledge the great work that the staff at Redlynch Daycare Centre has provided to my 3 year old son. My son Brandon has thrived developmentally since joining the Centre and really enjoys the social interaction with the other children. He is a confident and happy boy who looks forward to going to daycare every day. I've noticed that daycare has helped with how my son communicates and expresses himself and is resilient and empathetic towards the other children and the carers. The carers understand my son's needs and expectations and are very patient and kind to him. The range of activities that the Centre offers are fun and educational and has helped Brandon with his cognitive skills. He particularly enjoys it when other parties come to pay a visit to the Centre, such as the police department or the fire brigade etc and it's great to see him get involved in these activities. I love it when he makes things at daycare and he brings them home to me and is enthusiastic about telling me about his day.
C Rouelett Parent
Both my children have attended Redlynch Daycare Centre since they were in Nursery and they could not be more happier about coming each day. They have made friends, learned how to be kind and resilient and have developed new skills, all whilst being surrounded by educators who are supportive, loving and nurturing. I highly recommend Redlynch Daycare Centre!
N Passfield Parent
Redlynch Daycare Centre has been part of our family since 2014! We have trusted this amazing centre for so many years for all of our three children. Two of them now in school who attended RDCC from 10 months old through to the last day of Preschool in 2018! Then returning in 2020 with their little brother & we look forward to being here until he starts school! Thank you!
C Birdsall Parent
Redlynch Daycare Centre was recommended to us by one of the Private schools in the area. The School had said that the children that came from the centre were always well equipped and ready for school. Since then I couldn’t be happier with the care and support that my now 3 year old has received since he was a baby. The educators genuinely have affection for our child and aid him as an individual. When a spot came up at another daycare where our son had been waitlisted for 3 years, we immediately declined the offer as we are confident that our child is well looked after and settled in his current environment. For peace of mind and trust in educators that you can depend on, we are couldn’t be happier with Redlynch Daycare. Safety is our number one priority and we have found the operating procedures at Redlynch Daycare Centre to be exemplary, all staff appear to be consistently on the same page, we trust the staff 100%.
H Clarke Parent
I have two children who have gone through Redlynch Daycare Centre and we are so happy with this centre. It's a wonderful size where the environment is warm and my kids have always felt very comfortable. All of the staff go out of their way to greet and welcome the kids and always interact so positively with my son. It is clean and has plenty for the children to do. Administration is always willing to answer any questions I have and are always friendly. As a mum it is a relief to know my son is so well looked after and happy when he is dropped off to daycare.
M Adam Parent
Redlynch daycare is a wonderful centre, the teachers form great bonds with the children my eldest is now in school and he still loves seeing the teachers when we drop his little brother off. He went to the centre from nursery right up to preschool, loved every minute of it and would get upset when he couldn't go to daycare. His brother also started in nursery and still goes he loves it so much I don't even get a goodbye anymore before he runs off into the yard to play. We recommend redlynch daycare to everyone!!
Rachel Parent
As a parent, I cannot express how incredibly grateful and satisfied I am with the Redlynch Daycare Centre in Cairns. From the moment we enrolled our daughter, we knew we had made the best decision for their early education and care and for her social and emotional needs. The staff are exceptional. The staff at Redlynch Daycare Centre are nothing short of amazing. They are not only highly qualified and experienced professionals but also compassionate, nurturing, and dedicated individuals who genuinely care about the well-being and development of each child. It's evident that they have a true passion for what they do, and it reflects in the way they interact with the children. The learning environment at Redlynch Daycare Centre is exceptional. It's evident that a lot of thought and effort has gone into creating a stimulating and safe space for the children. The facilities are modern, clean, and well-equipped, providing a wide range of activities and learning opportunities. I appreciate the emphasis placed on both structured learning and play-based exploration, as it fosters a well-rounded development for our daughter . Communication between the daycare and parents is outstanding. The staff keeps us well-informed about our child's daily activities, progress, and any special events. They are always approachable and take the time to address any concerns or questions we may have. I can't recommend Redlynch Daycare Centre enough. It has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Knowing that my child is in such capable and caring hands allows me to go about my day with peace of mind. Lucimar and her staff are such nurturing and compassionate human beings. Thank you, Redlynch Daycare Centre, for providing an exceptional early learning experience for our daughter.
M Ellison Parent
Redlynch Daycare is an open and welcoming centre. From being open to ideas on activities and centre structure to the diversity of staff and cultures. These attributes are demonstrated daily by all the staff and are being instilled into my son's personality. I couldn't have asked for a daycare centre who mirrors our values at home more. Thank you to all!
T Chapman Parent
I enrolled my son into Redlynch Day Care Centre when he was just 9 months old and being tube fed at the time. The staff and the centre were so accommodating to his needs. Both the director and staff could see I was just an anxious first-time mum with a bub who was tube fed. They all assured me that I can call anytime to check in on him and they meant it. Each time I called, they made it their priority to check in and talk to me about how his day was going. It made me feel so at ease knowing and seeing the staff have a genuine love and connection for all children, especially my son. He has come leaps and bounds both socially and intellectually and loves spending his days at Redlynch Day Care Centre. I appreciate the work and dedication from the staff so much that I now have my little girl also attending the centre. It makes my life so much easier knowing that my kids enjoy going to daycare and are surrounded by people who keep them safe. Thank you, Redlynch Day Care Centre, for all your hard work
Hudson and Harriet’s Mum Parent
I love dropping my grandsons to the Daycare Centre; the staff are so friendly and always keen to help. The boys are very comfortable with the staff and loving seeing their teachers. They enjoy going to kindy and they’re learning and growing every day. I love hearing about their adventures from kindy.
Julie Abrahams Grandparent
My 3 year old Grand Daughter followed her cousins into Redlynch Day Care at the age of only 4months old! Like her cousins, she has thrived on the wonderful commitment of the Educators there and has become a very confident...and very chatty toddler which I am sure will stand her in very good stead to start school.
Laura Dalton Grandparent
We are delighted to have enrolled our children at Redlynch Daycare Centre. Caring and qualified educators and lovely outdoor facilities mean that our kids have not only thrived here, but that they don't want to leave in the afternoon!
Duncan and Sara Parent
Both my Kids have attended Redlynch Daycare Centre since they were 8 months old. At each stage of their development and in each room I have found the staff to be amazing; welcoming, attentative, engaged to what my has child needed, and able to give feed back to me. Particulalry now that my eldest is in Pre-School the communication between his teacher and myself has been great. My boss sent his kids to Redlynch Daycare and recommended it to me and I'm grateful we took that recommendation on-board, and i would now recommend this daycare to other families.
Skye Parent
Holly has been attending Redlynch Daycare centre for the past 3 years. We couldn’t be happier with the way Holly has grown. She loves her educators, talking about them even when she’s not at Kindy and we can tell they are fond of her as well, which is what you want. She’s so excited when we ask how her day was and she’ll tell us all about it, which is sometimes in true Holly form, very animated! She loves seeing her little friends 3 days a week. Thank you to Miss Luci and all the educators who encourage Holly every day.
Vince & Lisa Le Masurier Parent
My Granddaughter Abigail Zoe Haire has attended Redlynch Daycare since she was six months old. During this time I have watched her flourish under the love and guidance of the carers. In the past two years it has been rewarding as Grandparents to see her development excel in such a high standard, and make many wonderful little friends, which I am sure the bond formed will last as they progress in their education.
Lauren Tierney Grandparent
I’ve been very happy with the level of care my children have received at Redlynch Daycare Centre. The staff are friendly, genuine in their approach & their interactions with the kids in care. Communication to parents from the Centre is always transparent, timely and they are always happy to accomodate specific needs. I’ve had 2 kids at different stages attended here & highly recommend!
Christine Parent
Redlynch Daycare Centre is a childcare centre with a natural and welcoming feel to it. The best thing about RDC is the staff - they really care about the kids. They prioritise individual needs, such as allergies or food intolerances, and communicate with parents in a friendly and professional manner. The educators put their heart and soul into helping our kids grow in a supportive and loving environment.
Ailsa and John Parent
We have been involved with Redlynch daycare for over 4 years now and our third child is attending the Centre. Our children have been nurtured, cared for and supported by all of the centres team. Everyone goes above and beyond to make sure our children are safe and they create an environment to ensure our children are stimulated and prepared for school when the time comes. We couldn't be happier with the centre and highly recommend it.
Louise Parent
Both of our children have attended Redlynch Daycare Centre when we first moved to Cairns. We were recommended through a Cairns local and we are so grateful we had that recommendation! The educators really assisted our girls to make the transition to care, and were so supportive and accommodation of their needs. Our girls now walk in every morning and are treated like rockstars with ‘good mornings’ and ‘hellos’ from everyone - the directors, every educator and Sharon the chef, which is beautiful to know that our girls are treated with kindness and respect from their first footsteps into the Centre. I would have no hesitation recommending Redlynch Daycare Centres to other families who are looking for a centre for their children.
Emma and Andrew Parents
Thank you to the whole team for letting me be a part of the whole evolution of Matisse who is far away from me, his grandmother from France who has never seen and whom I can't wait to come to Australia in April 2023 to hug him very strong in my arms you are a great team, I see my grandson evolving day by day he is a happy baby 👍 thank you.

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